​​​​​​​CLIENT: Uppa Magazine  |  AD: Francesca Grillo  |  ILLUSTRATION: DANIELE SIMONELLI - SAIL HO STUDIO​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
UPPA #1 / 2022
Top: Admiration
Bottom left: Fight well  |  Bottom right: Pre-adolescence

UPPA #2 / 2022
Top: Learn to console yourself
Left: Climbing on the branches  |  Right: The evolution of sexuality and the discovery of the gender

UPPA #3 / 2022
Top: Homework
Left: Ways to play  |  Right: Close the door please!

​​​​​​​UPPA #4 / 2022
Top: Learning to write
Left: An adult to fight with  |  Right: Children's pride
Bottom: Playing and the real life

​​​​​​​UPPA #5 / 2022
Top: How to study
Left: Personal space  |  Right: The game of things

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