The Urgent Need to Improve Health Equity
Editorial series for Scientific American on health equity. A special dossier highlighting problems and solutions. An in-depth look into health inequity in the US.
“COVlD made obvious what many already knew: Inequity-whether because of race, culture, skin color, income or caste-can be lethal.”


The Covid vaccine as an exclusive luxury

Moderna's CEO refused to share their vaccine formula with firms in South Africa, with the remark, “It is like when somebody makes a copy of a Louis Vuitton bag… Does it look like a Louis Vuitton bag? Does it last like a Louis Vuitton bag? I don’t know.” This horrific statement stuck with me from the moment I read it and became the fil rouge of the whole series. When health care becomes a luxury, we withhold it from those who need it the most. Is this what scientific progress is meant for?

Gatekeepers of Health

HIV care has improved dramatically-but not for everyone

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Mental Health Care Should Be Available for All, Not a Luxury

The stress of COVID fractured a system that was already cracked

Discrimination is breaking people’s hearts

Heart attacks, strokes and other consequences of cardiovascular disease are particularly dangerous for people who face inequity.

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